Three weeks and counting …

My excitement bubble has been building for a while now and this afternoon, just before boarding my last flight out of Mackay, it burst. I was positively overflowing with excitement as I waved goodbye to Ed for the last time. Ed only has four days of work remaining before he road trips down to Melbourne, sharing the journey with family and friends.

I have three weeks of work remaining and then, on Monday 1 July, we are Europe bound.

We spent the weekend cross-checking itineraries, lamenting over the falling Australian dollar, packing bags and donating a few to the Salvation Army. We went out on the town on Saturday night with a group of Ed’s mates for a few / many farewell drinks, carved up the dance floor and then recovered the following day with a pie at the Pinnacle Pub, just out of Mackay.

This is where it all began, two years ago. It was bittersweet boarding the plane today but I’m so excited about this next adventure, and for sharing it with you via our blog.

‘1<3 / I Heart Europe’ represents the 103 days we will be spending in Europe from 1 July 2013 – 12 October 2013 and we will be documenting our journey in thoughts and pictures.

It’s not long now …

Kate x


4 thoughts on “Three weeks and counting …

  1. 2 years. WOW. I can feel your excitement. I must be getting itchy feet and wanting to travel again – spoke with Mum about it today. Travel safe.

    • Yes, Mum mentioned that on the phone the other day! If you’re keen to have a couple of kids join you, I’d love to explore the West Coast of Australia too 🙂 Love you Dad xx

  2. Hi Kate and Ed,
    I can relate to your excitement and cross checking itineraries. We have 5 days to go but only a third of the time away. Marnie has also started working on a blog for our trip. Enjoy every minute of your fantastic adventure. Lots of love Tania xxxx

    • Oh my goodness Tania that’s not long at all! You and Marnie must be overwhelmed with excitement too! I hope you have a truly wonderful holiday and I’m looking forward to hearing all about it upon your return. Travel safe and lots of love xx

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