After one false start, we’re finally on our way!

We arrived at the airport for our 3:25pm flight on Monday with plenty of time to spare. After a slightly clunky check in and big hugs from mum and Sue we were through the gates and into the unknown. We made our way past security, customs and duty-free to the Qantas Business Lounge where we indulged in the lunch buffet and pulled on our compression socks for the flight. We were fed, watered and ready to go!

Nek minnit … our flight was cancelled!

Despite our disappointment, the Qantas staff were truly amazing and we were fully briefed in the lounge before being admitted back into Australia. We picked up our luggage off the carousel and were whisked to the beautiful Pullman Hotel where we relaxed and dined on Alan Joyce.


We were up again at 3:30am this morning to run through the whole process again (we are pros now!) and took off at 8:30am. Ed has been reading up about the A380 and was like a kid in a candy store as he looked around the cabin. Did you know that the wing span of the A380 (79.8m) is greater than its length (72.7m) and that the plane seats 484 people?



I assured Ed that the novelty of a long haul flight would wear off soon and we previously made a bet that he would complain at least once about something (anything!) before we arrived in London. Despite the fact that we’re sitting next to two young families with three toddlers under the age of two, Ed’s still smiling and having a ball. It looks as though dinner is going to be on me …


4 thoughts on “After one false start, we’re finally on our way!

  1. Love, love, love your wonderfully written blog Kate. Cracked up at Nek Minnut 🙂 so proud of Edward not grizzling!!! Was there EVER any doubt?, yes, definitely 😉 Keep up the fun and enjoyment. Loving the photos too. Edward studying up on the engineering greatness of airlines and Kate beaming in what looks like black bunny ears but is actually her feet 🙂 love you both, J+S

  2. I hear the meal is on you Kate. Point out to Ed that he needs to lose weight just before the dinner and it might cut down on the cost :p

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