Looking for Nessie

On Thursday 18 July we commenced our journey to Loch Ness via the Cuillin Hills in the south of Skye. 



Our quaint B&B is about 15 minutes from Inverness at Dores and perched up on the hill overlooking Loch Ness. The gardens are beautifully manicured and there is also a little chicken coop with isa browns and farm fresh eggs for breakfast. On Friday Ed tried award-winning local haggis and I had a bite too. It was soft and crumbly and a mouthful was enough for me. Ed quite enjoyed it.


We spent the day walking and our first stop was Falls at Foyers with a thundering waterfall and stunning views across Loch Ness. We then walked multiple tracks at Farigaig with flies swarming around our heads before doing a spot of bird watching at Loch Ruthven. 




It was stunning weather and to cool down at the end of the day Ed took a dip in the frigid waters of the loch – I was VERY impressed! 




We had a date night at Dores Inn and tried divine local scallops, salmon and haddock before returning home. We both scored a double Yahtzee in the evening but I managed to retain the title!


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