A note from Ed – Tee time

On Saturday morning we were up bright and early to head to St Andrews. We were on the road by 7:30am and, after what seemed like an eternity, we reached “the home of golf” at around 11:00am. You couldn’t help but be engrossed by the history of the place, 600+ years of golf and countless tournaments. Kate was to be a golf widow for the next 48 hours but was catching up with a friend from Aberdeen, Jess Hallahan, and her friend, Jane Hibberd, over the weekend so was happy for me to tee off while she got some girl time. 

Getting on to the Old Course was never an option but I still had a choice of six other beautiful courses. I chose the Jubilee Course first and was invited to play with a couple of members.

I had 24 balls with me which I thought would do the job but was told by an old playing partner that I would need to get the pro to run out another dozen after 15 holes. I lost plenty over the next couple of days but managed to make them last 63 holes also playing the New Course and the Castle Course. I had a lot of shots but managed a birdie in each round.




On the Saturday night I joined the girls at “The Adamson” for dinner. The food served up was exquisite and the night was a lot of fun. So impressed with the meals, Kate and I re-booked for the Sunday night where we were joined by Annabel Wallace and Willy Mercer for another great evening.

Monday morning we were up early again and left at 7:00am to head back to Edinburgh and on to Dublin.

A big shout out to Kate for being so happy for me to play golf all weekend and to everyone we caught up with for helping make it a great weekend.

An interesting fact for any golf fans looking at working abroad or taking a career break, if you live in St Andrews you get your membership to all seven courses for £180 a year. My three day pass was £190.


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