Climb every mountain

On Friday 26 July we readied ourselves for a day of hillwalking. I had read about the wild terrain at Twelve Bens, a ridge of rugged mountains that form part of Connemara National Park, and was keen to explore it.

With no marked tracks, we pulled over at the foot of one of the mountains and started our ascent. I was on hands and knees at times, scrambling up that endless mountain, with pink and blue marked sheep watching me somewhat bemused. Ed was incredibly supportive all the way up and the view from the top was well and truly worth the climb. I felt exhilarated!




Ed offered me his hand (and hanky) many, many times on the way back down and we had lunch at a pub in Clifden to refuel. 

In the afternoon we made a surprising choice and climbed yet another mountain, Diamond Hill, for more breathtaking views. 


Ed’s first inversion!

We had dinner at the hotel at the end of the day and Ed broke his losing streak, beating me 3-0 at Yahtzee. 


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