The Wizard of Éire

We wanted to make the most of our last day on the Emerald Isle so woke up early to finish packing and hit the road. I gifted my beautiful anniversary flowers to the receptionist who checked us out and kept one single stemmed rose for the drive. 

We drove to Dún Laoghaire East Pier (just south of Dublin) and took in lovely views of Dublin Bay on the mile long walk.



We treated ourselves to icecream from Teddy’s and drove quickly through the towns of Dalkey and Killiney on our way back to the airport. 

We narrowly avoided scratching the car when Ed forgot to indicate at an intersection and thankfully passed the final car inspection with flying colors – phew! 

Ed and I brushed up on our French on the plane to Paris and purchased our billets (tickets) using lots of sil-vous plaît (please) and merci (thank you). We checked in to a gorgeous little room in the 12th at Hôtel du Printemps just after 10pm.


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