Paris, je t’aime

On Tuesday 30 July we set about to explore Paris. We started by making our way to Île Saint-Louis, a haven for gourmets judging by the profusion of cafés, restaurants, ice cream makers and confectioners whose tempting windows lined the central streets. We treated ourselves to Paris’ finest ice cream at Berthillon and crunched on caramel and white chocolate waffle cones as we crossed the bridge to the larger of the two islands, Île de la Cité.

I stole a kiss from Ed on the most romantic bridge in Paris surrounded by thousands of keyless padlocks, secured by many amorous couples who had tossed the keys into the river after professing their eternal love for one another.



The Cathédrale de Notre Dame de Paris is the true heart of Paris with distances to all parts of Metropolitan France measured from the square in front of the Gothic masterpiece. We observed the elegant flying buttresses at the east end of the building and sat by the west front below the cathedral’s countless chimères (gargoyles) in light misty rain. 



After taking in the most visited site in Paris we popped across the bridge into quaint Shakespeare & Company bookshop to read poetry and play the piano amidst mildewy old books and papers. I was so absorbed in my reading that I forgot to pick up my umbrella (and Ed’s phone) at the end of my sitting and was mortified to find that I had left them behind after leaving the shop. Thankfully, we literary folk are an honest people and I was able to find the items quickly upon my return.

In the evening we went shopping at Galleries Lafayette before heading to a nearby Italian restaurant for dinner.


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