A note from Ed – Mickey and me

Friday 2 August had come and we were headed to Disneyland.


We boarded the train with hundreds of other thrill seekers and were lined up at the gates 40 minutes before they opened. Once they let us in we raced to the first big ride “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril” where we were surprised to find firstly no queue and secondly that we were to take our bags on the rides. 

We made our way through all the main rides in Disneyland Park with only one long line at “Big Thunder Mountain” which took half an hour, not bad really considering it is school holidays over here. We then avoided the €10 hot dogs and had our packed lunch before heading over to Walt Disney Studios Park which was smaller but had just as many thrilling rides.

My favourite for the day was the “Twilight Zone Tower of Terror” where you sit in an elevator rising and falling accelerating faster than gravity. The feeling of weightlessness alone was enough but on the third time round I didn’t have hold of the bag well enough and it ended up in front of my face. I thought this was hilarious and let it happen for the remainder of the ride while Kate was caught between a state of hysteria and panic which made it all the more fun.


We returned to Disneyland Park and ended the day with one more ride on Big Thunder Mountain and were able to avoid the growing queue when a French Lady gave us two “fast passes” which just capped the day off for us. 


We left at 6:30pm unable to make it to the 11:00pm closing time lacking the stamina of youth. We headed back to our hotel both exhausted from the day and turned it in early.


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