The proposal

We were up early Wednesday 28 August for breakfast at our hotel before taking a series of trains to Brig and then Zermatt in Matterhorn country. 

It was among cozy wooden chalets, picturesque Alpine peaks and chic skiing resorts and shops that we had chosen to try infamous Swiss fondue and we made our way to Restaurant Du Pont upon arrival in Zermatt.

Fondue – it’s just melted cheese and bread, right? Wrong!

The perfect fondue arises when finely grated cheeses are melted in a special ceramic pot over heat. White wine and a touch of kirsch (cherry schnapps) are then added carefully until the cheesy mixture reaches an ideal consistency – not too thick and not too thin. 

We chose the house specialty at Du Pont which also included herbs and came with boiled baby potatoes and a huge variety of cubed bread for dipping into the mixture. Remember, calories don’t count when you’re on vacation … or so I kept telling myself!


After eating more than we could manage (and still not seeing the bottom of the pot for all of the remaining fondue!) we wandered back through the town to take a cogwheel train up Gornergrat mountain. Along the steep ascent we looked out across endless panoramic vistas, straining our necks for just one glimpse of the top of the Matterhorn who was veiling herself with fluffy white clouds. 


At the summit I sipped on warm tea from my thermos surrounded by snow capped mountains – stunning!



We shared little tubs of Mövenpick ice cream on the train back to Brig before dressing up for date night at a local restaurant. We had a beautiful dinner on the terrace at Restaurant Müller and took a stroll along a running stream through the centre of town to end the night.

As the sun was setting, Ed lifted me on to a low wall along the stream, let go of my hand, reached into his pocket and proposed to me on one knee with a beautiful ring! I was speechless and overwhelmed with happiness and of course I said ‘yes’!

We talked about our future together as day turned to night, blissfully unaware of the time and other star crossed lovers amidst the Alpine peaks. It was the perfect end to a perfect day!


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