A taste of the sun kissed slow life

We stepped out of our room on Friday 6 September to the sweet smell of freshly baked bread and pastries and quickly made our way down two flights of stairs for breakfast. We managed to avoid the pastries but ate much more bread, ham, cheese, etc. than was necessary … oops but nom nom nom!

After a slow morning we set off to explore San Gimignano. The tiny hilltop town has a long and rich history and owes its nickname, the medieval Manhattan, to the 11th century towers that surround the historical centre. Sadly only 14 of the original 72 towers remain.


We stopped in at little museums, bursting trattorias and wine filled enotecas along the main shopping strip and Ed added two beautiful black belts to his Italian leather collection.


For lunch we dined at Ristorante la Griglia overlooking beautiful Tuscan countryside.


We spent the evening with local wine producers and chefs at Parco Della Rocca and sampled countless regional wines, olive oil and wild boar. We returned home well after dark, less €12 but up six glasses which we thought was an absolute bargain for all we had consumed and enjoyed!

We woke up before daylight on Saturday and made the most of our situation by racing up to the rooftop terrace for photos of the sunrise.



I then made my way up, down and around the sleepy town for uninterrupted views and magical photographs.






After another great breakfast we continued our journey through Tuscany and arrived in Siena just in time for lunch.


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