Subterranean Slovenia

We said goodbye to Venice on Friday 20 September and crossed the border to Ljubljana in Slovenia via shuttle bus in the afternoon.

We found Sixt Car Hire at the train station and loaded our bags into the boot before preparing ourselves mentally and physically for driving on the wrong / right hand side of the road.

Ed breezed out of the parking lot and despite a few close calls to the curb on my side we were on our way.

We arrived in Postojna just before dinner and after successfully reversing the car into an undercover car park we settled down for a €10 half board at our hotel. My fish came out with their heads still attached which was a bit disconcerting but the mushroom soup and salad bar were both amazing.

On Saturday we set out to explore the queen of all caves, Postojnska Jama.


Our tour commenced with a 2km underground train ride through enchanting halls, magnificent underground arches and thrillingly narrow tunnels.


We disembarked the train at the Great Mountain, filled with more stalactites and stalagmites than I could count or had ever seen before.

Thankful for Ed’s winter jacket in the 10 degrees Celsius cave, we then joined a walking tour of the Beautiful Caves, consisting of the Spaghetti Hall, White Hall and Red Hall, each unique, distinctive and insanely beautiful.

White, needle thin, transparent tubes hung from the ceiling in the Spaghetti Hall.


The White Hall boasted pure stalactites with almost no admixtures.


The stalactites in the Red Hall were coloured by iron and clay.

Calcite curtains lined the entranceway to the Concert Hall which can accommodate several thousand people at a time and provides great, albeit humid, acoustics.



The Concert Hall marked the end of our tour and we went in search of some eyeless salamanders (‘human fish’) before returning to our car and driving north to Lake Bohinj in the afternoon.




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