From SloveNIA with LOVE

We braced ourselves for narrow roads and a series of hairpin turns between Postojna and Lake Bohinj on Saturday 21 September with Google maps and a few packets of chewing gum in hand.



Despite occasional profanities, sighs of relief and nervous giggles (on my part), we arrived safely at our destination in the early evening and rewarded ourselves with hot tea and a stiff drink!



Before checking in we took a quick spin around the lake and gushed over its clear, turquoise waters.


We were upgraded to a fantastic ground floor room and recommended dinner at Hotel Center where we shared a delicious wood fired pizza.


I woke up on Sunday morning with a very snuffly nose and caught up on some R&R before venturing out for a walk with Ed mid-morning.

We parked our car at the entrance to the Voje Valley and walked along the beautiful Mostnica stream towards the Mostnica slap (waterfall) and a welcoming inn for lunch.


Just before arriving at the inn the trail opened up into a stunning meadow where we played with the incredibly tame cows and admired the surrounding mountains.


After a hearty lunch of mushroom soup, wurst, sauerkraut and boiled potatoes we returned to our car and were smacked in the face with a whopping great big €100 fine on our windscreen!

Determined not to let the fine ruin our day, we returned home, played a few games of Five Crowns and Yahtzee and dined at Hotel Center once more for dinner.

We showed the fine to our hosts at breakfast on Monday morning and were over the moon to find that it was actually just a warning and we wouldn’t have to pay a cent! Thank goodness and lesson learnt – park ONLY in designated parking bays in Slovenia!

After breakfast Ed set off for a rafting adventure and I for a walk around Lake Bohinj.


Three hours, thousands of steps and countless photo opportunities later, I returned home and resolved never to leave Slovenia. How could you? It’s just so ridiculously beautiful!


In the evening we shared a couple of drinks by the bridge at Ribčev Laz and took photos before the sun disappeared behind the mountains.


On Tuesday morning we returned to the lake for one last walk before driving to the heart of the Triglav National Park to visit the Savica slap (waterfall).



Tired in the hips from a few days of bush walking I battled my way to the top of the hill and was rewarded with views over the two part waterfall, shaped like the letter ‘A’.



We continued along the road to Bled in the afternoon and ate lunch by the picture perfect lake.


We spent the evening relaxing in the garden at our quaint B&B and Ed capped off the day with an 80 minute massage at a nearby wellness center.


It was Ed who woke up unwell on Wednesday morning so we spent a few hours indoors before making a quick trip up to Bled Castle for some sightseeing.


Perched atop a 100m high cliff the castle boasted gorgeous views out to the Church of Assumption on an island in the middle of Lake Bled.


I spent the afternoon walking around town and returned home with a care package for Ed including chicken noodle soup and dry biscuits. Apparently I’m going to be a great mum!

It was my turn to indulge in some pampering in the evening and 80 minutes and €51 later I was well and truly relaxed.

SloveNIA I LOVE you. I do, I do!


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