Gone cuckoo

We drove from Füssen to the oh so charming town of Lindau on Monday 30 September and spent a few hours exploring the tiny island in the afternoon.

We caught a glimpse of Switzerland across the misty waters of Lake Constance and took in the Bavarian lion monument and lighthouse at the entrance to the harbour.




In the evening we indulged in mouthwatering steak, grilled chicken, giant baked potatoes smothered in chive cream sauce and lightly dressed salad at Wissingers. Oh my was it delicious!

From Lindau we skimmed the eastern shore of Lake Constance to arrive at Birnau’s gorgeous baroque church.


After exploring the surrounding vineyard we continued along windy back roads through rolling hills and misty vales to Villingen.





We stopped for lunch in the medieval town before taking in more dreamy scenery on lanes bristling with firs and pines between Villingen and Vöhrenbach.

From Vöhrenbach, picturesquely tucked into the folds of the countryside, we shadowed the gurgling Breg to Urach where we travelled via a tiny country road to arrive at our final destination for the day, Freiburg.

We set out to explore the vibrant university town in the evening and were careful not to slip into the Bächle – the permanently flowing rivulets that run along the footpath. It’s said that if you fall into one you’ll marry a Freiburger or a Freiburgerin and we weren’t willing to risk our marriage before we’d even said ‘I do’!

We zigzagged our way up to Schauinsland on Wednesday and were treated to knockout views of the Rhine Valley and Alps at the summit.




After a quick walk around Todtnau waterfall we continued on our way to Furtwangen and its (surprisingly) fascinating German clock museum. Boasting more than 8,000 items I literally lost track of time (pardon the pun) learning all about the history of time keeping and clock making.





We ended the day back at our hotel in Freiburg and settled in for a quiet night of tea, beer and Black Jack.


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